Program Overview

Al-Qaim International School is committed to creating a nurturing and captivating learning environment tailored for our youngest learners in the Kindergarten program. Our program overview emphasizes the distinctive elements that set our Kindergarten experience apart:

  • Play-based Learning: At the heart of our early childhood education philosophy lies the belief that play is a fundamental element. In our Kindergarten program, we integrate play-based learning activities that foster creativity, imagination, and social interaction. Through hands-on experiences and guided play, children cultivate critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a genuine love for learning.
  • Language and Literacy Development: In our Kindergarten program, language and literacy development hold a significant focus. We create a rich language environment, exposing children to diverse vocabulary, captivating storytelling, and engaging reading activities. With the support of experienced teachers, language acquisition is nurtured, and early literacy skills are fostered through interactive reading sessions and captivating activities.
  • Numeracy and Mathematical Concepts: In our Kindergarten curriculum, we integrate age-appropriate numeracy and mathematical concepts. Children explore numbers, shapes, patterns, and basic mathematical operations through engaging games, manipulatives, and real-life examples. Emphasizing hands-on exploration, we aim to establish a solid foundation in numeracy and problem-solving skills.

Additional Subjects:

  • Social and Emotional Development: We acknowledge the significance of nurturing social and emotional development in young children. Our Kindergarten program places emphasis on cultivating a supportive and inclusive classroom environment. We foster positive relationships, empathy, and self-regulation skills. Through cooperative play, group activities, and meaningful discussions, children develop essential social skills and emotional well-being.
  • Science, Technology, and Exploration: In our Kindergarten program, we spark the curiosity of young learners with the marvels of science, technology, and exploration. Through age-appropriate experiments, nature walks, and interactive technology tools, children are introduced to a world of wonder. They are encouraged to ask questions, make observations, and participate in hands-on activities that promote scientific thinking and exploration.
  • Creative Arts and Expression: At the core of our Kindergarten program lies a celebration of creativity and self-expression through a diverse range of art forms. Children engage in music, dance, drama, and visual arts activities that foster their cognitive, emotional, and physical development. We cherish each child’s unique talents and offer ample opportunities for them to showcase their creativity with pride.
  • Physical Development and Well-being: Recognizing the significance of physical development and well-being in early childhood, our Kindergarten program integrates age-appropriate physical activities, outdoor play, and gross motor skill development. We actively promote healthy habits, self-care routines, and a balanced lifestyle, ensuring the overall well-being of each child.

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