Junior highschool

Program Overview

At Al-Qaim International School, our junior high school program is thoughtfully crafted to deliver a comprehensive and personalized learning journey for our students. We firmly believe in tailoring education to cater to the distinct needs of each child, considering their prior knowledge and skills, learning styles and interests, as well as their academic and personal development goals.

  • Language Arts: The program places significant emphasis on honing students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in both English and Arabic. It encompasses activities in phonics, grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension, facilitating well-rounded language development.
  • Mathematics: The curriculum encompasses essential mathematical concepts, problem-solving strategies, number operations, geometry, measurement, and data analysis, providing a comprehensive foundation in mathematics.
  • Science: Through hands-on experiments, observation, and inquiry-based activities, students delve into scientific concepts and explore various disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science.
  • Social Studies: The program acquaints students with local and global communities, cultures, geography, history, and civic responsibilities. It fosters a sense of understanding, respect, and appreciation for diversity.

Additional Subjects:

  • Arabic Language and Islamic Studies: With a focus on cultural and religious heritage, the curriculum incorporates Arabic language instruction and Islamic studies, nurturing students’ language proficiency and deepening their understanding of Islamic values and principles.
  • Foreign Language: Students are offered the chance to learn a foreign language, such as French, Spanish, or another commonly spoken language, to enrich their cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Arts: Students engage in visual arts, music, and drama activities to stimulate creativity, self-expression, and appreciation for different art forms.
  • Physical Education: Through structured physical education classes and engaging extracurricular sports activities, the program encourages physical fitness, enhances motor skill development, fosters teamwork, and instills the values of sportsmanship.
  • Information Technology: In preparation for the digital age, students acquire essential computer skills, digital literacy, and responsible internet usage knowledge to equip them for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

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