Elementary school

Program Overview

At Al-Qaim International School, we grasp the significance of customizing education to cater to the distinct needs of every child. Our approach is founded on extensive research and crafted to deliver an individualized learning experience.

We take into account various factors when shaping our educational programs:

  • Prior Knowledge and Skills: We acknowledge that as children enter our school, they bring diverse backgrounds and experiences. We highly value their prior knowledge, skills, and abilities, leveraging them as a solid foundation for continuous learning and growth.
  • Learning Style and Interests: We recognize that children possess unique learning styles and interests. Hence, our educators endeavor to cultivate a dynamic and captivating learning environment that accommodates these individual preferences. Through such an approach, we promote active participation and nurture a genuine love for learning.
  • Goals and Evaluation: At our school, we establish well-defined goals for academic achievement and personal development. We collaborate closely with each student, monitoring their progress and evaluating success. Through regular assessments, we ensure the effectiveness of our instructional methods and that students are realizing their full potential.
  • Individual Support and Differentiated Instruction: We acknowledge that certain students may benefit from extra support to excel academically or overcome specific learning challenges. Our teachers deliver differentiated instruction, customizing their approach to cater to the distinct needs of each student and fostering inclusive learning environments.

Additional Subjects:

  • Arabic Language and Islamic Studies: With an emphasis on cultural and religious heritage, our curriculum incorporates Arabic language instruction and Islamic studies. Through these components, students develop language proficiency and gain a comprehensive understanding of Islamic values and principles.
  • Foreign Language: At our school, students are presented with the opportunity to learn a foreign language, such as French, Spanish, or another widely spoken language. This enriching experience enhances their cross-cultural communication skills, broadening their horizons in the process.
  • Arts: Students partake in visual arts, music, and drama activities, encouraging creativity, self-expression, and fostering an appreciation for diverse art forms.
  • Physical Education: Through structured physical education classes and engaging extracurricular sports activities, the program emphasizes physical fitness, motor skill development, teamwork, and the importance of sportsmanship.
  • Information Technology: In readiness for the digital era, students acquire indispensable computer skills, digital literacy, and responsible internet usage to equip them for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

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